Wine Tour Questions

Wine Tours

Q. Can you suggest wineries to visit for our tasting tour?

A.  Yes, we can and we will try to find out what your preferences are and give a selection of a dozen, so that you can make the final selection.

Q. Do you offer Wine Tour Packages?

A. Yes we do. Offering a two or three day’s special deals, please click here to learn more about them.

Q. Can I smoke in the limo?

A.  NO!! No smoking of any kind is allowed inside the limo, but the drivers are happy to stop for cigarette breaks, where you can get out of the limo and stretch your legs.

Q. How do I make a reservation? Can I make the reservation over the Internet or phone?

A.  Yes, you can make the reservation via email, although there will be a dialogue of several emails back and forth to make sure we have all the pertinent information. On our website there is a button called ‘Reservations’ you can click on and complete it. You may also call us at (925) 960-5165 . Please leave a message should you get our voice-mail.

Q. How much does it cost?

A.  The rate per hour varies, depending on the size of limo (or the number of people it needs to accommodate), the number of hours you book the limo as well as when it is that you want it.  So, in order to quote a price, I need to know the size of the limousine, the number of hours you want it for and when it is you want it.  We quote prices for the metro area, so if the pick up or drop off are outside the metro, please let us know.

Q. Are you providing champagne in your limousines?

A.  Yes, as long as at least one person in your party is over 21. You also may bring alcohol beverages into the limo.

Q. When does the hourly rate or time start?

A.  Our hourly rates begin when the car arrives at your pickup location. (Pick Up time on your Reservation Confirmation) It ends at your final destination. (Drop Off time on your Reservation Confirmation)  We do not charge for time from/to the garage like some other companies do.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of hours?

A.  Yes, our minimum is 5-6 hours for limousine reservations depending on which region you are going to; local (Livermore) or Napa/Sonoma Valley. For sedans our minimum is 4-6 hours depending on which region you are going to; local (Livermore) or Napa/Sonoma Valley.

Q. When does overtime start?

A.  Overtime only applies on hourly charters like wine tours and begins after 10 minutes complimentary time allowance following the pre-scheduled drop off time.

Q. What vehicles do you offer for hire?

A.  Please check our Fleet page on our website. Basically we offer limousine, sedan, SUV and Party Bus.  Sorry we don’t offer buses that carry over 12 passengers.

Q. Are there any additional fees?

A.  Gratuity to the chauffeur/driver in the amount of 20% will be added to all transactions. Everything else such as administrative fees, license fees, taxes, tolls, airport loop fees, fuel surcharges are included. Winery tasting fees are on you, of course.

Q. What time do wine tasting tours normally start?

A.  Wineries usually open around 10:00 AM and close between 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM. Depending on where you are staying, and how many wineries you would like to visit should determine your start time. If you are staying in Napa you are minutes away from wineries.  If you are in San Francisco, you are one and a half hours away from wineries. Plan on an hour per winery.  We will be happy to help work out the schedule that best fits you.

Q. How long does a wine tasting tour last?

A.  In average, six to 9 hours. Six hours is our minimum which includes time for travel and lunch.  The time can be extended if desired. Please check with your driver to make sure he is available passed the scheduled drop off time for any overtime you may need.

Q. Can I pay with cash?

A.  Yes, although we do require a valid credit card be on file at the time of making the reservation, which will not be charged.

Q. What will be involved on our wine tour?

A.  You can expect to visit four to five wineries.  At each winery you can expect to spend 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your group.  If you have a reservation at a winery your stay may be 1 ½ hours and please let us know of the reservations in advance.  Whatever you choose to do we will work with you to create an unforgettable experience.

Q. Can you recommend a good restaurant for lunch?

A.  Yes, based on your preferences we will give you several options.

Q. How is a private limousine different from a shuttle limousine wine tour?

A.  If you like independence, the private limo is the way to go. You have the flexibility to create your own itinerary, changing your mind whenever and you do not share space with strangers.

Q. Can you offer a wine tour from airport, train station or a cruise terminal?

A.  Yes, we can start your journey from any location and drop you off anywhere you like as long as we keep it within our time frame or go to overtime if your driver is available pass the original drop off time.

Q. Do you provide wine tours 7 days a week?

A.  Yes, but please be aware some wineries are closed for different holidays.

Q. Can we bring our children on a wine tour?

A.  Yes. They can enjoy the trip as well. Some wineries doesn’t allow children, especially on tours. In that case your child(ren) can stay in the car with the driver. There is a DVD/CD player to help keep them occupied.