Wedding Questions


Q. What about wedding photos with the limo?

A.  Certainly you may elect to do that and it’s a Great idea! They look great and bring back wonderful memories.

Q. What size limo do I need?

A.  A rule of thumb is to count the bride as two, due to the size of her dress. A larger limo is more expensive but is more comfortable and avoids wrinkling your formal wear.

Q. Who usually rides in the limo?

A.  The most common use is for the wedding party.  Sometimes only the bride and groom and perhaps the best man and maid of honor ride in the limo.  Sometimes a limo shuttles guests between the wedding and the reception and their homes and hotels.

Q. Can the flower girl and ring bearer ride in the limo?

A.  Yes, but don’t forget to count them in the number of people.

Q. Is there an hourly minimum?

A.  Yes, the minimum is four hours. You want to allow some “overlap” in your timing so that the limo is there when you are ready for it and, more commonly, you are not rushed if the wedding and exiting from it take longer than you are anticipating.

Q. Can you provide champagne?

A.  Yes, as long as at least one person in your party is over 21. You also may bring alcohol into the limo.

Q. How does the driver dress?

A.  The driver usually wears a dark business suit with white shirt and tie, unless you have a special request.