Wedding Limo Service

Wedding Limo Service

Stretch Limousine and Mercedes S550 for Wedding Limo Service. Are you planning to rent a car for you to use as transportation for your wedding day? We are offering wedding transportation service to assist you on your most awaited day. Our company offers wedding limo services. Our service includes using Stretch Limousine and Mercedes S550 as your transportation service. Here are the features of our vehicles that are used in our service.

Limousine is a luxury car driven by a chauffeur. It is traditionally black and white in color. It is also the most expensive type of vehicle and is always connected to wealth and power. Stretch limousine is a limousine that has extended seating area to provide additional accommodations. It can accommodate six to seven persons. If you want your family members or friends to accompany you in your transportation to the church, the limousine is the right vehicle for you.
Mercedes S550 is known for its comfort and convenience as well as safety and security systems. It can accommodate three persons excluding the one who drives. It has safety and security systems that make each trip or travel relaxing and comfortable. Though it only can be occupied by 3 persons excluding the driver, it is a perfect vehicle for you and it will the space will not be wasted.


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Why choose Limos and More with WiFi to serve you for your wedding transportation?

Best Wedding Transportation

  • We will make sure you are on time for your wedding ceremony. We will make sure that we are there prepared to serve you and assure you that we’ll be on time to fetch you up.
  • You can book for a specific date and time you will need our service. Making reservations will make us be prepared on the specific time and date you will seek for our service.
  • We provide comfortable vehicles to make sure you won’t get stressed as we bring you to your wedding destination. You won’t have to worry about filth and space for you and your company if you have. Each car has different capacities that you will need.
  • We can adjust the look of our vehicle to be a wedding transportation for you. Whatever the theme of your wedding, we will make sure that our vehicles will be decorated to the theme of your wedding accordingly.
  • We offer safe transportation to ensure the safety of our clients. Our vehicles have safety and security systems to assure the safety of our clients as we serve them.
  • Our vehicles have different capacities that you will need.
  • Our limo has Wi-Fi service connection that you can use while we are on the way to your destination.
  • We will adjust to the requirement to meet the wedding style you want and you are dreaming of. We are willing to do are best to meet the needs of our clients and serve them properly.
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  • Red carpet
  • Champagne holder stand
  • Artificial flower decor
  • Signs (like Just Married)
If you are interested with wedding limo service, feel free to contact us to book or make reservations. We will make sure to serve you and make your dream wedding memorable.
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