Prom Transportation

Prom Transportation

How To Make Your Day More Glamorous!

The high school Prom is the highlight of the school year. Students dress to the Nines and the lucky ones arrive at the event in a chauffeured limousine. For weeks even months before the event the school is abuzz with talk about what kind of dress they are going to wear or who will be their special prom escort. This is quite a special occasion and for every special occasion you need a special ride. Today that special ride is an imposing black Lincoln limousine. Give Limos and More with WiFi a call with plenty of notice to make sure we can accommodate you on that special night

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Limousines – The Classic Grand Entrance

Make it possible for you to have a wonderful night by riding the truly classic and imposing black limousine. As everyone knows, there is nothing like the feeling of stepping out of a limousine while all the others look at your arrival with wonder and amazement. This is traditional, but never ceases to amaze the gathered crowd. Once you have exited from the vehicle, you will feel confident as you walk among the crowd. You will feel like royalty.
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Mercedes Benz S550 – Luxury Ride

The Mercedes Benz S550 is a world class luxurious sedan. It is a magnificent thing to behold from the outside, with its ultra-polished coat gleaming in the night, and inside the designs are sumptuous and marvelous to admire. You and your escort will be enamored by the ambient LED lights and the fantastic sound system. The ride of this delightful vehicle will be as smooth as flying, leaving all the time in the world for you and your escort to create moments to remember.
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Chevrolet Suburban – Bring the Chevy to the Party

With the Chevrolet Suburban, you and your friends and their prom dates can come together to the prom. This old faithful has the capacity as well as the durability to travel long distances and take you on a joyful, comfortable journey to the prom. These days the Chevy Sub comes equipped with 4 G Lite so you can check in with all that is raving at the prom. Fold-able seats and large space, lets you start the party before even arrive.
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Well, for you to have the most splendid time, it goes without saying that you must arrive there in a great mood and demeanor. But for you to be in a great mood upon reaching your destination, you need to have had an enjoyable journey. The journey is depended on the ride and the ride is dependent on the vehicle. Whether you choose a limousine, luxury sedan or the reliable Chevy, make sure that it has everything that you need to create the right ambience for your partner and Prom.

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