General Questions


Q. How far in advance should I place a reservation?

A.  As soon as your plans are fairly definite, just give us a call to set up your reservation, at least the date and time of your travel or special event. We always suggest as much notice as possible, from several days to a year in advance for airport service and hourly charters.  However, seasonal, off-hour and special events will dictate more notice time so try to plan accordingly. Payment arrangements must be made at the time of reservation.

Q. Aren’t all limousine services basically the same?

A.  Unfortunately it is not that simple. You should seek out referrals and recommendations from friends, family, business associates, Yelp and Google. There are many factors to consider, such as reputation, years in operation, licensing and insurance, customer service philosophy & back office support.  Make sure all chauffeurs are screened & trained. Please use due diligence in choosing your transportation service. Do not be hesitant to ask any pertinent questions including for proof of insurance or check with CPUC at

Q. Do you offer off-hour service?

A.  Yes, we offer car service 24 hour a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. Please keep in mind to reserve as far in advance as possible for off-hour service and that premium pricing may apply.

Q. What are your standard cancellation policies?

A. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy. Click here

Q. Do you require a deposit and when do I pay it?

A.  We do require a valid credit card information to be on file, even if you are planning to pay with cash.  We do not charge your card until the day or day before the event. This applies to all reservations including airport transfers and hourly rentals. In addition, for hourly charters we require a $300 deposit with a credit card when you make the reservation and we complete the confirmation.  This can be refunded according to the cancellation policy if needed.

Q. How can I obtain a receipt for my charges?

A. Limos and More w/WiFi can provide receipts for charges most conveniently by e-mail or text. Also, we can email a ‘Paid’ invoice from our system, only by request.

Q. Do you offer transfers, i.e., “Blocked Time” service for special events?

A.  Yes, in most cases, minimum hourly rental terms will apply (varies between 4-6 hours). And there are many advantages to this structure, especially for special events and occasions, because you will have the same vehicle and chauffeur guaranteed for your entire service. You can leave your belongings in the vehicle because it will not be assigned to another job while it is waiting. You have unlimited stops, the vehicle and chauffeur are available to you as directed. It is generally more relaxing to know that you have the vehicle at your disposal for the specified rental period.

Q. What if I only need the vehicle to pick us up and drop us off. Can you offer this type of service?

A.  Yes, there may be instances and occasions where a transfer service is possible with the exception of peak demand dates and events. A transfer is basically a direct, one-way pick up and drop off, at a set time. Wait time, extra stops and additional driving are not calculated in the pricing and would be added to the charges or revert the service to hourly if extensive. It is best to review all details at the time of reservation to determine what type of service will best fit your needs.

Q. What amenities are your vehicles stocked with?

A.  All vehicles are equipped with WiFi, 110 V and USB charging outlets, Bluetooth and stocked with bottled water, candies, and Kleenex. Limousines are set up with bottled water, glassware and napkins. Normally a cooler with additional bottled water and soft drinks is provided. Customers are welcome to bring their own beverages and coolers. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in our limousines only as long as at least one passenger in the vehicle is over the age of 21. For hourly charters with limousines we provide a complimentary bottle of champagne and hard liquor (full bar) with mixers, if desired along with soft drinks and ice. You may check out the full list of amenities for each vehicle by clicking here, and here.

Q. Do you require a “damage” or “cleaning” deposit?

A.  No, not a deposit, however we do require a signed credit card authorization form and agreement which includes all the details about the potential damage or excessive cleaning costs that could occur during the course of a rental.

Q. Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?

A.  All vehicles are strictly NON-SMOKING. If any passenger smokes in a vehicle a minimum cleaning fee of $750 will apply, plus cost of repairs for any damage related to smoking. The fee will be charged to the credit card on file, which was given to us upon making the reservation.

Q. Why should I rent a limo?

A.  Safety and convenience are the two big reasons.  DUI’s are very expensive ($5,000-$25,000 we are told—more if your vehicle is confiscated), and no one wants to cause an accident.  Team building and socialization are also important reasons.  Limousines are designed to encourage social interaction. As your little ones grow older, events (such as proms, dances and banquets) come up where the young teens do not want their parents driving them. They may be too young to drive themselves.  Even if they do drive, you may prefer that they do not drive on, say, prom night. Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, retirements—any special occasion is made extra-special when you are transported in a luxurious limousine! Just for the fun of it!

Q. How much does it cost?

A.  The rate per hour varies, depending on the size of limo, the number of hours as well as when it is that you want it.  So, in order to quote a price, we need to know the size of your party, the number of hours you want to book it for, when it is you want it and the locations of pick up and drop off.  We quote prices for the metro area, so if the pick up or drop off are outside the metro area, please let us know. The rates can range from $49-99/hour. This rate is inclusive of all charges (taxes, fees, toll, airport loop fee, fuel surcharges, but not the tasting fees at the wineries) except the gratuity for the driver and our “Meet & Greet”.

Q. What do you have available?

A.  Please visit our web page ( for photos, rates and information of our fleet.  Which ones are available on a certain date will depend on the schedule for that date, so just ask, either by calling us at (925) 960-5165 or emailing us at

Q. Is a six-passenger limo big enough for six people?

A.  That depends on the size of the individuals.  Since people come in different sizes, you don’t know how comfortable it will be until everyone is in the limo.  Limos should really be sized by weight rather than number of people, but no one wants to go there!  We believe the manufacturers allow about 17” per seat, and the average weight is around 180 lb. It is always more comfortable to have more room rather than filling the limo to its maximum.   For airport transfers we don’t recommend 6 passengers unless the luggage is small or carry on size.

Q. Can I drink alcohol in the limo?

A.  Yes, only in our limousines, (not in sedans or SUVs), as long as at least one person in your party is over 21. You may bring alcohol with you if you wish.

Q. Can I smoke in the limo or any of your vehicle?

A.  NO!! No smoking of any kind is allowed inside the limo or in any of our vehicles. However, our drivers are happy to stop for cigarette breaks, where you can get out of the vehicle and stretch your legs too.

Q. Can you suggest a restaurant, nightclub or winery?

A.  Yes, we can and we will try to find out what your preferences are and give a selection of a dozen, so that you can make the final selection.

Q. Do you have Hummer limos or buses that hold more than 12 passengers?

A.  No.  We have vehicles that hold up to 12 passengers.

Q. Can children ride without their parents?

A.  We leave that up to the parents.  As far as we are concerned, either way is fine.  We also have child seats, infant seats and booster seats available, at no charge for all of our vehicles.

Q. How do I make a reservation? Can I make the reservation over the Internet or phone?

A.  Yes, you can make the reservation via email, although there will be a dialogue of several emails back and forth to make sure we have all the pertinent information. On our website there is a button called ‘Reservations’ you can click on and complete the form. You may also call us at (925) 960.5165 .  Please leave a message should you get our voice-mail.

Q. Do you require credit card information when I make the reservation?

A.  Yes, we do require a valid credit card to be on file.

Q. When do I pay?

A.  If it is an airport transfer you are required to pay in advance, when you begin your trip as airport policy does not allow any limousine company to accept payment at the airport (only tip in cash).  Other than airport transfers we collect payment on the day of the event before we begin the journey.

Q. How do I pay for the service?

A.  You may pay with cash when the driver first arrives or with credit card.  We accept major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Debit Cards as well.

Q. Do you charge overtime?

A.  Yes, overtime is billed when the hours stated in the agreement are exceeded and will be billed in ½ hour increments after the first 10 minutes grace period. For example, if you go over by 10 minutes, no charge. If you go over by 15 minutes expect to pay a ½ hour charge. Overtime charges will be charged at the original rate for the appropriate vehicle type and not at discounted rates that may be offered at time of booking.

Q. Do you offer “split” service?

A.  Depending on the schedule availability, we may be able to do a “split” run for you to attend an event.  We require that you are out of the limousine for at least three consecutive hours. A different limousine may pick you up at the end part of the run than you used in the first portion, so you cannot leave anything (coats, drinks, purses, etc.) in the first limo.   The rates are different than for consecutive time but it may be less expensive for you.  We need a set pick up time for the return, from which time we start charging you whether or not you are in the limo.

Q. Are you insured?

A.  Yes, we are fully insured and licensed. Our vehicles are inspected and reviewed routinely and/or as needed.  Our TCP number is 28908-A which can be checked at the CPUC website

Q. Do you offer point-to-point transportation?

A.  Yes, a minimum charge does apply each way and it’s based on travel time. However, the minimum is $99 plus gratuity. Airport transfers are based on a flat fee.

Q. Do you offer gift certificates?

A.  Yes, with a 5% discount from the face value. Please click here to request one.

Q. What is your service area?

A.  Generally the San Francisco Bay area but we are licensed for anywhere in California as well as inter/intrastate, including Sacramento Airport, Yosemite Park, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas etc.

Q. Do you provide child safety seats for your vehicles?

A.  Yes, child seats, infant seats and boosters are available.

Q. Do you have a lost and found department?

A.  The best thing to do is call or text your driver.  Otherwise call our main number @(925) 960.5165 .

Q. Can we listen to our own music in the limousine?

A.  Yes, we offer Blue Tooth connection to our stereo system through the car speakers. There is also Sirius satellite radio, CD player or USB connection to your device.

Q. What tours do you offer?

A.  We offer a variety of tours and are happy to custom design a tour for your needs. These tours take place in a luxury limousine or sedan. The price will depend on the tour you choose, the number of people in the tour (or the size of limo you need) as well as when it is you want to do the tour. There is a minimum of four hours.

The San Francisco City Tour takes you on a wonderful tour of many of the beautiful and historic sites of San Francisco. Per your request we can email our suggestions, in the form of a list of what to see and do.  We can build you a tour based on the amount of time you have available (even if you are on a stop with a cruise ship).
Winery Tour takes about 6 hours, picking you up at your chosen location and visiting 3-4 wineries in Napa, Sonoma or Livermore valley. You choose the wineries to visit or we will be more than happy to work with you in selecting wineries. Per your request we can email our suggestions as well.

Q. What type of services do you provide?

A.  Guided or As Directed for all occasions, corporate or private events, Airport transfers, we do it all. Please check out our services here.