City Tour Questions

City Tours

Q. What tours do you offer?

A.  We offer a variety of tours and are happy to custom design a tour for your needs. These tours take place in a luxury limousine or sedan or SUV. The price will depend on the tour you choose, the number of people in the tour (or the size of limo you need) as well as when it is you want to do the tour. There is a minimum of four hours.

The San Francisco City Tour takes you on a wonderful tour of many of the beautiful and historic sites of San Francisco. Per your request we can email our suggestions, in the form of a list of what to see and do.  We can build you a tour based on the amount of time you have available (even if you are on a stop with a cruise ship).

Q. How much does it cost?

A.  The rate per hour varies, depending on the size of limo (or the number of people it needs to accommodate), the number of hours you book the limo as well as when it is that you want it.

Q. When does the hourly rate or time start?

A.  Our hourly rates begin when the car arrives at your doorstep, hotel or any given pickup address. (Pick Up time on your Reservation Confirmation) It ends at your final destination. (Drop Off time on your Reservation Confirmation)  We do not charge for time from/to the garage like some other companies do.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of hours?

A.  Yes, our minimum is 4 hours and depending on which tour you are doing and type of vehicle you choose.

Q. When does overtime start?

A.  Overtime only applies on hourly charters like City Tours and begins after 10 minutes complimentary time allowance.

Q. Are there any additional fees?

A.  Gratuity to the chauffeur/driver in the amount of 20% will be added to all transactions. Everything else such as administrative fees, license fees, taxes, tolls, airport loop fees, fuel surcharges are included.

Q. Can I pay with cash?

A.  Yes, although we do require a valid credit card be on file at the time of making the reservation, which will not be charged.