Airport Transfers Questions

Airport Transfers

Q. Where do I meet my chauffeur at the Airport?

A.  Upon arrival you will have a detailed text message on your cell phone from your driver.  If you want additional information you can call or text to the driver. Also inside of the Confirmation Email under ‘NOTES’ you will find even more information.  You can choose from two different options: Inside the terminal as a ‘Greet and Meet’ with a sign (extra charges apply for this service) or at curbside (no extra charge).

Q. What are your standard cancellation policies?

A.  Please refer to our Cancellation Policy. Click here.

Q. Do you require a deposit and when do I pay it?

A.  We do require a valid credit card information to be on file, even if you are planning to pay with cash.  We do not charge your card until the day of or day before the event. This applies to all reservations including airport transfers.

Q. How much does it cost?

A.  We charge flat rate for airport transfers. The rate is depend on which vehicle will be used, date and time, destinations. Under 35 miles ranges between $99.00 – 135.00, and gratuity.

Q. Is a six-passenger limo big enough for six people?

A.  That depends on the size of the individuals.  Since people come in different sizes, you don’t know how comfortable it will be until everyone is in the limo.  Limos should really be sized by weight rather than number of people, but no one wants to go there!  We believe the manufacturers allow about 17” per seat, and the average weight is around 180 lb. It is always more comfortable to have more room rather than filling the limo to its maximum. For airport transfers we don’t recommend 6 passengers unless the luggage is small or carry on size.

Q. What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

A.  We follow all flights with our flight watch APP, and we will be there, whether you are early or late. However, you must let us know if you make any changes to your original information you provided at the time of reservation, such as flight numbers, different dates because of flight cancellation.

Q. Will your driver help me with my luggage?

A.  Of course.

Q. Will you meet passengers inside the airport terminal?

A.  Yes, but you have to request it, otherwise you will get our standard service, which is curb side pickup. The inside terminal pickup is called “Meet and Greet”, and is associated with an additional charge plus parking fee.